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IPL Photofacial 


IPL Photofacial in Toronto

At our medical spa in Bloor West we offer IPL photofacial treatment that benefits the skin in numerous ways. 


What Is An IPL Facial Treatment?

An IPL treatment is a non-invasive treatment of photo-damaged skin. The IPL is an acronym that stands for intense pulsed light. This intense light has the ability to penetrate the skin with minimal skin damage. 

IPL Facial Benefits: 

  •  Tighten pores and skin

  •  Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  •  Minimize, or eliminate altogether, the appearance of sun spots and freckles

  •  Treat skin flushing and skin redness

  •  Reduce the appearance of scars (acne, chickenpox, etc.)

  •  Treat vascular lesions (broken capillaries, blood vessels, telangiectasia, rosacea)

  •  No downtime: the client can resume all activities, except sun exposure

  •  Improve facial contour

  •  Boost collagen and elastin production

IPL Contraindications:

  •  Current or history of cancer

  •  Any active infection

  •  History of herpes simplex

  •  Use of photosensitive medication 

  •  Immunosuppressive diseases

  •  History of keloid scarring

  •  Exposure to the sun or artificial tanning 4 weeks prior

  •  Pregnancy 

IPL Facial Treatment Schedule

IPL Photofacial Treatment is typically administered in a series of five or six treatments with intervals of three weeks.