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Sauna effects on weight loss

Weight loss had never been the easiest step in life, changing complete routine, giving all your best, drinking more water, having a deficit caloric intake and following a keto diet. For that reason why not add alternative therapies to help boost your results?

What is the Sauna?

Sauna has been a popular social activity. There are different types, traditional Finnish saunas, dry sauna, steam bath, and an infrared sauna. 

Nowadays, infrared sauna cabins have become increasingly attractive. These saunas use infrared emitters at different wavelengths without water or additional humidity and generally run at lower temperatures (45–60°C).

How does it work?

Most people don’t believe how good is for weight loss management, from a regular habit in the sauna room. However, It’s impressive. After a few minutes in the room, your skin temperature rises and you will start to sweat heavily. During it, the heart rate increases from baseline up to 120 to 150 beats/min as the body attempts to keep cool. It is common to lose about a pint of sweat while spending a short time in a sauna. 

Significantly, It influences the function of many bodily organs and systems, It has a positive effect on muscles by speeding up the excretion of metabolic waste. Getting an excessive heat, your body does vasodilation and increases fluid excretion through the sweat glands. Moreover, your body is going to a fairly constant level of body temperature, which makes its work more, leading to loss of bodily fluids. 

According to an article from The Scientific World Journal, Thermal stress in the sauna significantly influences Body Mass Loss in women and men. A typical session of 30min can burn up to 600 calories.

Tips to help you

• A session should be taken 1 to 2-hour break after a meal. The sauna’s heat will make you flush and sweat. In doing that, it draws blood from your internal organs so it’s a good idea if your stomach is not on digestion.  • Drink a glass or two of water after and before going into the sauna. It will help your body flush out those toxins and help with dehydration.  • Wear as little as possible. Swimwear or a towel is best.  • Afterwards, give yourself time to cool down for a few minutes in peace and quiet. • It is recommended to repeat twice a week or more, to get the most benefits from the sauna.  • Afterwards, you are going to feel relaxed and revived, hitting a wonderful night’s sleep.

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