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We are a beauty and body care medical spa with complete services for skincare, laser and body treatments for women and men.


At our medical spa we promote both your physical beauty and spiritual harmony, plus we use proprietary products designed to cater to each client's specific needs. 

Relax as we transform your skin into its optimal beauty.

Whatever services you do experience with us, we are convinced you will enjoy every second of it.

Face Massage at medical spa


Founder of Jenny Palma Beauty & Body Care

Jenny Palma is the founder of Jenny Palma Beauty & Body Care, medical aesthetics laser clinic and medical spa.


Jenny is a veteran in the beauty industry with over 20 years of experience in medical aesthetics, cosmetic surgeries, vein therapy, dermatology and much more.


Teacher & Instructor

In addition, as an expert in the beauty field, Jenny has 7 years of training and teaching experience from clinical practice to classroom theory. Her students ranged from family physicians and nurses to private vocational aesthetic college classes. 


Jenny loves to share her deep knowledge with clients and students, helping them set up successful practices of their own.


Continuing Education

Because continuing education is of utmost importance to Jenny, she is currently enrolled in Traditional Chinese Medicine College. One of her great passions is to help people in healing holistically and spiritually as well.


"Honesty, integrity and the love for your patients are what I believe in most and I always want the best for my clients and my patients."


Tel: 647-966-7546 

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