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Ear Candling


Ear Candling Toronto 

At our medical aesthetics clinic in Toronto we offer a treatment known as Ear Candling.

What is ear candling?

Ear candling is a therapeutic relaxation technique similar to acupressure, acupuncture, and aromatherapy.

How does ear candling work?

Ear candling (ear coning) is done by lighting up one end of a hollow funnel shaped cotton beeswax candle and inserting it into the ear slightly.  Excess ear wax is then pulled out along with creating an open clear feeling in the ear canal.

Why ear candling treatment?

Ear candling treatment is the holistic way of treating ear aches and other related common issues. 


Candling can help to clear the head chakra. It also allows for clarity and well-being, as well as improved overall health. 

Ear candling is harmless and has no side effects.


If you're looking for ear candling in Toronto, specifically in the Bloor West Village area, get in touch with us.


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